Monday, August 13


Essential Question:
Why is file management important?
Key Questions:
How do you create, move, rename, copy, and delete files and folders?
Activating Strategy:
Fact of the day: A file name can have up to 255 characters. Discuss with students why they think organization is important in this class and in the workplace.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Seating chart
  • Turn in FBLA Membership and Dues
  • Go over file management using the handout
    • Discuss importance of organizing files and folders
    • Identify and discuss various file types and extensions
    • Set up folders on Z drives
    • Go over file naming procedure
    • Show students how to move files into appropriate folders
    • Show student how to rename files
    • Stress the importance of not deleting needed files
    • Discuss storage space and limitations
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Why do we create folders on our Z drives?

File management handout

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