Writing to Instruct Paper

Objective: To write a set of clear instructions for completing or performing a task.


Grading: This assignment will be graded using the rubric below. It is worth 100 points. For each error, 4 points will be deducted. An error is spelling, grammar, formatting of the document, etc.

**This is the 2nd paper in the Research Paper category (35% of your grade for this course)

  Highly Effective (25 points) Somewhat Effective (20 points) Usable, but with Some Trouble (12.5 points) Ineffective (0 points)
Audience Instructions make it clear who should and should not use these instructions and how the instructions will meet the audience's needs. Instructions include some acknowledgement of who the audience is and their needs for using these instructions. Audience is not clear, and instructions seem very general and vague. No attention to directing instructions to a specific audience or nothing was provided.
Purpose The purpose of instructions is very clear and audience knows what they will be able to do after reading the document. Includes an introduction. Purpose is somewhat clear, but not outlined well for the audience. Includes a weak introduction. Purpose is not clear at all. Document starts with instructions and no introduction. No attention to purpose of document or nothing was provided.
Completeness Instructions are numbered and are in a logical order. Instructions include all necessary information. Pictures are included if necessary. Instructions include information needed to complete the task. Instructions are missing some steps or steps are not clear. Instructions are incomplete or nothing was provided.
Conclusion A clear, succinct conclusion is included. Conclusion is somewhat clear and succinct. Conclusion is vague. No attention to conclusion or nothing was provided.
Errors (-4 point each)