Thursday, October 18


Essential Question: How do you create a movie using Movie Maker?
Key Questions: What is Movie Maker? What is the timeline? What is the storyboard? What are the types of files you can use in Movie Maker? How do you import still images? How do you import video? How do you import music or sound? How you add still images, video, and/or music or sound to the timeline? How do you add transistions, titles, and effects? How do you preview your movie? How do you "finish" your movie? What options do you have to "finish" your movie?
Activating Strategy: Have you ever used Movie Maker before?
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 111-115
  • Instructor will collect rough drafts of Research Paper and will return these at the end of class
  • Instructor will show examples of work made with Movie Maker
  • Demonstrate how to use Movie Maker using the Movie Maker Instructions Handout
  • Begin Movie Maker Project - due Monday, October 25 at the end of class
Summarizing Strategy:

Homework: Read Chapter 12. Answer questions on pages 411, 421 (Discussion Questions), and 432 (Discussion Questions). Be prepared to discuss with your group on Friday. Instructor will collect answers to questions on Friday.

Assessment: Observation, TOD
Resources: Movie Maker Instructions Handout; iTunes Instructions Handout
GPS: BCS-BCP-4,9,10,11

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