Wednesday, January 9


Essential Question: Why should you create and edit images using Photoshop?
Key Questions: What is a mode? What is a model? What is a bitmap? What is pixel? What is gamut? What is hue? What is saturation? What is brightness? What are additive colors? What are subtractive colors? What is color separation? What is the bitmap mode? What is the grayscale mode? What is a foreground color? What is a background color? What are gradient fills? What is sampling? What is the Color Picker? What is the Swatches palette? What is stroking the edges? What area gradient presets? What is a grayscale image? What is luminosity? What are filters? What is the Sharpen More filter? What is a blending mode? What is a base color? What is blend color? What is resulting color? What is target? What is source?
Activating Strategy: How can you use your Photoshop skills to enhance publications created in InDesign?
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Begin Photoshop
  • Instructor will demonstrate how to use Photoshop to edit several images
    • Desaturate an image
    • Remove red-eye from an image
    • Change the image size and/or canvas size
    • Crop an image
    • Use the type tool
    • Featering
  • Students will begin Photoshop Tutorials - Due Friday, January 14 at the end of class
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: List and describe three new Photoshop skills you acquired today

Assessment: Observation, TOD
Resources: Photoshop, Web

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