Monday, February 11


Essential Question:
How do I create and format business report?
Key Questions:
What is business report? How is business report different from an MLA style research paper? What are the two types of business reports? What are the margins on an unbound report? What are the margins on a bound report? How do you create a title page? What information goes on a title page? How do you format page numbers? How do you format the title? How do you format side headings? How do you format the body of the report? What are the margins on the 2nd page and thereafter on a business report? How do you format the margins on the 2nd page? How do you format a list found inside a report? How do you format the reference page?
Activating Strategy:
Discuss the similarities and differences between an MLA style report and business report. Discuss parts of business report and formatting of each part using FBLA Format Guide.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Answer Key Questions above. Turn it in when you're finished.

Observation, TOD
WPD handouts; FBLA Formatting Guide

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