Wednesday, March 13


Essential Question:
Why should you use MS Access to create a database?
Key Questions:
How do you search for a record? How do you filter? How do you change the structure of a table? How do you change the font in a database? What is a validation rule? How do you create a validation rule? What is referential integrity?
Activating Strategy:
Discuss budgeting
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 306-310
  • First part of period
    • Teacher will highlight and overview Access Project 3
  • Second part of period
    • Complete Access Project 3. Student will need JSP Recruiters database completed earlier in Projects 1 and 2.
    • The database file will have the following objects in it:
      • Client Table
      • Recruiter Table
      • City-Trainer Crosstab
      • Client-Recruiter Query
      • Client-Trainer Query
      • Client Form
      • Client Amount Report
  • File submission and grading: all work for Project 3 will be graded from student computers
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: What are some advanced features used in Access Project 3?

Observation, TOD
Textbook, MS Access

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