Wednesday, March 27


Essential Question:
Why should you use Excel to create budget?
Key Questions:
How do you create and format a spreadsheet that will keep up with your monthly spending?
Activating Strategy:
Fact of the Day: Americans are responsible for generating roughly 20% of the garbage in the world.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 326-330
  • Complete Vocab Quiz 8 (#'s 230-244)
  • Students will continue Real World Budget Project - Due Friday, March 30 at the end of class
  • First 15 minutes of period
    • Students will find the following (part F) using their Budget Handout
      • A new car
  • Next 20 minutes of period
    • Teacher will show students how to find the monthly car payment (part F continued) using
    • Teacher will show students where to find insurance quotes on handout (part G)
  • Last 65 minutes of period
  • At the end of the period today, you should have parts A thru K completed
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Ensure you have parts A thru K completed

Real World Budget Handout and spreadsheet; GCIC;

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