Wednesday, September 26


Essential Question:
Why should you use MS Access to create a database?
Key Questions:
What is a database? What is a table? What is a form? What is a report?
Activating Strategy:
Discuss Key Questions.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 76-80
  • Students will complete Access Specialist Assignments
    • Project A-1 Employee Database - page 267-270
    • Project A-2 Equipment Orders - page 271-274
    • Project A-3 Top Revenue Producers - page 275-280
    • Project A-4 Market Research - page 281-285
    • Project A-5 Birthday Promotion - page 285-290
    • Project A-6 Shopping Cart - page 291-296
    • Project A-7 Charitable Contributions - page 297-300
    • Project A-8 Target List - page 301-304
    • Project A-9 Acquisition Prospects - page 305-310

Grading and Submitting of Files

Follow the instructions to print the tables, forms, reports, etc. from your database. Be sure your name is on each item BEFORE printing.

Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: What is a database?

Observation, TOD
MS Access, Office Specialist

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