Wednesday, October 10


Essential Question:
Why should you use MS Excel to create spreadsheets?
Key Questions:
What are advanced functions? How do you apply formatting such as bold, italics, font color, borders, etc? How do you format cells as percentages, currency, etc?
Activating Strategy:
Review advanced formulas used in Excel Project 2
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 106-110
  • Continue In the Lab 1 - page 132-133 (Illiana Custom Homes)
  • Begin In the Lab 2 - page 134-135 (Fife's Finer Furniture)
    • Skip "Instructions Part 2" on page 135
  • Print both spreadsheets following printing procedures
  • Print, staple, and turn in
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Write down 3 advanced formulas used in Excel Project 2

Observation, TOD
MS Excel, Textbook

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