Tuesday, March 12


Essential Question: How do you use MS Word to use mail merge for other types of documents?
Key Questions: How do you create and use a mail merge process to make a directory?
Activating Strategy: Brainstorm and write down at least three other documents, etc. that you could use a mail merge to create. For example, the certificates given out at our awards days are creating using a mail merge, even though it's not a letter. What can you think of?
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 316-320
  • Instructor will demonstrate how to format an Itinerary while students follow along
  • Students will key European Itinerary - due today at the end of class
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Check you grade on IC. Make sure you don't have any zeroes. Turn in any missing assignments!

Assessment: Observation, TOD, grade completed assignments
Resources: MS Word, FBLA Formatting Guide
GPS: BCS-CA2-1,2,6,8

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