Tuesday, March 19


Essential Question: How do I use Access to create and use switchboards, PivotTables, and PivotCharts in my database?
Key Questions:

What is a switchboard? What is a PivotTable? What is a PivotChart? How do I create, add actions to, run, copy, and modify macros? How do I create a switchboard and switchboard pages? How do I modify switchboard pages? How do I use a switchboard? How do I import data and create a query? How do I create a PivotTable? How do I change properties in a PivotTable? How do I use PivotTable? How do I create a PivotChart and add a legend? How do I change the chart type and organization of a PivotChart? How do I remove drop areas in a PivotChart? How do I assign axis titles and a chart title in a PivotChart? How do I use a PivotChart? What is a macro?

Activating Strategy: Begin working on assignments below. Q&A if needed.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Daily Journal
  • Students will complete Access Project 6 - page 316-364 (Ashton James College)
  • Students will complete In the Lab 1 - page 368-369 (Birds2U)
  • See the previous 4 days' lesson plans for details and instructions
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Explain how Macros work in an Access database. Why are they helpful in a business setting?

Assessment: Grade completed assignments
Resources: MS Access, Office text
GPS: BCS-CA2-1,4,6,8

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