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Essential Question: How do I use PowerPoint to create industry appropriate files?
Key Questions:

How do I create folders for storing presentations? How do I edit and format text on slides? How do I create tables on slides? How do I apply user-defined formats to tables? How do I create OfficeArt elements on slides? How do I apply animations and transistions to slides? How do change the layout? How do I add sound effects? How do I delete a slide? How do I add hyperlinks to slides? How do I use the Find and Replace command? How do I create a workbook template? How do I create, modify, and position graphics on worksheets? How do I apply paragraph formats to slides? How do I modify table borders and shading? How do I change the order of the slides? How do I run a slide show? How do I save the slide show in HTML format?

Activating Strategy: Have you ever needed to combine several PowerPoint files into one file? If so, when?
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Students will complete
    • Job 13-1 Create July 4th Extravaganza Presentation - page 202-203 (13-1 July 4)
    • Job 13-2 Create Registration Presentation - page 204-205 (13-2 Registration)
    • Job 13-3 Create Events Presentation - page 206 (13-3 Events)
    • Job 13-4 Create Clothing Presentation - page 207 (13-3 Clothing)
    • Job 13-5 Create Forms Presentation and Document - page 208 (13-5 Forms)
    • Job 13-6 Combine Presentations and Create Web File - page 210-211 (13-6 July 4 and 13-6 July 4 Online)
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: List three things you accomplished today on your assignments.

Assessment: Observation, TOD,
Resources: MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel
GPS: BCS-CA2-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

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