Wednesday, October 3


Essential Question:
How do I use Access to create, manage, edit, and publish industry appropriate database files?
Key Questions:
How do I create a report using the Report Wizard? How do I use sorting and grouping in a report? How do I move controls? How do I change properties? How do I add totals and subtotals to a report? How do I align and format controls? How do I change labels and column headings? How do I use multiple tables in a report? How do I remove unwanted controls? How do I use the Form Wizard to create a form? How do I add a calculated field, combo box, and title to a form? Why should I understand form design considerations?
Activating Strategy:
Fact of the Day: The first hard drive available for the Apple II computer had a capacity of only 5 MB.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 91-95
  • If necessary, students will complete yesterday's assignment. See yesterday's lesson plan for details.
  • Students will complete In the Lab 2 - page 250-251 (Babbage Bookkeeping - this file should be copied from the N drive to your Z drive and opened from your Z drive. Do not open it from the N drive)
  • After completing this assignment, you should have the following items in your Babbage Bookkeeping database:
    • Bookkeeper Table
    • Client Table
    • City-Bookkeeper Crosstab
    • Client-Bookkeeper Query
    • Client-City Query
    • Client Update Form
    • Balance Due Report
    • Bookkeeper Client/Report
    • Client Income Report
  • Grading and submission of assignment:
  • Ignore all printing instructions from the book. Make sure your database has all the files listed above. This assignment will be graded from your Z drive.
  • Finish any missing assignments!
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Ensure that all database assignments have been completed. Ensure that each database contains the needed files to earn all points possible for these assignments. Ensure that all missing assignments from the semester have been completed and turned in.

Observation; grade completed work
MS Access, Office textbook

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