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Essential Question: How do I use Excel to create industry appropriate spreadsheets?
Key Questions: How do I create and manipulate a list? How do I delete sheets in a workbook? How do I validate data? How do I add computational fields to a list? How do I use the VLOOKUP function to look up a value in a table? How do I use the Toggle Total Row in a list? How do I print a list? How do I use a data form to display, add, and delete records and change field values in a list? How do I sort a list on one field or multiple fields? How do I display automatic subtotals? How do I use Group and Outline features to hide and unhide data? How do I query a list? How do I apply database functions, use the SUMIF function, and the COUNTIF function to generate information from a list? How do I save a workbook in different file formats?
Activating Strategy: Begin working on assignments below.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 196-200
  • If necessary, finish assignment from yesterday. See yesterday's lesson plan for details
  • Students will complete In the Lab 1 - page 369-370 (Creates two files --- Apothecary Sales Rep List and Apothecary Sales Rep List CSV)
  • Ignore printing instructions
  • Call instructor over for a screen check when you have completed Part 4 on page 370
  • Call instructor over for a screen check when you have completed Part 5 on page 370
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Why would you want to save a spreadsheet as a CSV file? Explain.

Assessment: Observation, TOD, grade completed assignments
Resources: MS Excel, Office Textbook
GPS: BCS-CA2-1,3,6,8

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