Wednesday, January 16


Essential Question: How do I use PowerPoint to create and edit industry appropriate presentations?
Key Questions: How do I create a presentation using the AutoContent Wizard? How do I create and scale a WordArt element and add it to a slide? How do I add sound effects and hyperlinks to slides? How do I insert a chart, an Excel chart, and a Word table? How do I revise and customize individual slides? How do I use the thesaurus? How do I modify a presentation template by changing the color scheme? How do I add information to the slide master Footer Area? How do I add an action button and action settings? How do I apply transistion effects to a presentation? How do I rehearse presentation timings and run a slideshow with hyperlinks? How do I print speaker notes and save slide presentations as Rich Text Format outlines?
Activating Strategy: Check your grade on IC. Make sure you are not missing any assignments.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 221-225
  • Students will complete PowerPoint Project 4 - page 228-293 (Creates two files --- College Finances.ppt and College Finances.rtf)
    • Follow instructions on page 232 (top of page) and create the folder
    • When you complete Step 2 on page 287, call instructor over for screen check. Do not print!
  • Students will complete In the Lab 3 - page 302-304 (Creates two files --- Lab 4-3 Europe.ppt and Lab 4-3 Europe.rtf)
    • Follow instructions on page 304 (Step 17) and create the folder
    • When you complete Step 17 on page 304, call instructor over for screen check. Do not print
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: List and describe three new PowerPoint skills you learned today.

Assessment: Observation, TOD, grade completed assignments
Resources: PowerPoint, Office Textbook
GPS: BCS-CA2-1,5,6,8

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