Monday, March 16


Essential Question:
Why should you use PowerPoint to create a professional looking business presentation?
Key Questions:

Why should you be able to enhance a presentation with pictures, shapes, and WordArt? What is a color scheme? What is brightness? What is contrast? What is style?What is fill? What is gradient fill? What is solid fill? What picture or texture fill? What is transparency? What is offsets? What is tiling options? What are background files. What are fill effects? What is the transparency slider? What is the format painter? What is shadow? What is WordArt? What is outline? What is effect? What is weight?

Activating Strategy:
Begin working on assigments below
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Journal
  • Students will complete PPT Quiz

  • Students will complete the following assignments:
  • Apply Your Knowledge (Apply 3-1 Seasonal Affective Disorder) pages 191-192
  • In the Lab 1 (Lab 3-1 Cooking Classes) pages 195-196
  • In the Lab 2 (Lab 3-2 Klompen Dancers) pages 197-198
  • In the Lab 3 (Lab 3-3 Steam Locomotives) pages 198-199
  • When finished, call instructor over for a screen check –do not print
  • Due today at the end of class
Summarizing Strategy:

What are 3 things you accomplished today?

Observation, TOD

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