Monday, August 13


Essential Question:
Why is file management important?
Key Questions:
How do you create, move, rename, copy, and delete files and folders? What is the importance of knowing file sizes and types? Why is it important to have good file mgt skills? Why are file extentions important?
Activating Strategy:
Fact of the day: A file name can have up to 255 characters. Discuss with students why they think organization is important in this class and in the workplace.
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Seating chart
  • Collect signed parent letter
  • Turn in FBLA Membership and Dues
  • Go over file management using the handout
    • Discuss importance of organizing files and folders
    • Identify and discuss various file types and extensions
    • Set up folders on Z drives
    • Go over file naming procedure
    • Show students how to move files into appropriate folders
    • Show student how to rename files
    • Stress the importance of not deleting needed files
    • Discuss storage space and limitations
  • Begin Daily Journal; demonstrate how journal should be set up and where it should be saved
  • Begin Daily Vocabulary; define terms 1-5
Summarizing Strategy:

TOD: Why do we create folders on our Z drives?

File management handout

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