Thursday, January 3


Essential Question:
Why should you use Dreamweaver to create and edit web pages?
Key Questions:

What are the Dreamweaver tools? What is the files panel? What is a home page? What is a site map? What is the navigation structure? What is the Dreamweaver workspace? What is the menu bar? What is the Insert bar? What is the document toolbar? What is the standard toolbar? What is the property inspector? What is the status bar? What is the tag selector? What is a panel? What is a panel group? What is design view, code view, and split view? What is the parent page? What are child pages? What is a root folder? What is a local folder? What are assets? How do you define a site? What is publishing? What is a web server? What is FTP? What is a local site? What is a remote server? What is a remote site?

Activating Strategy:
Open Dreamweaver. Have you used it before?
Instructional Strategies and Student Activity:
  • Continue Daily Vocabulary; define terms 126-130
  • Dreamweaver Chapter 1
  • Pages 1-6 thru 1-33 (index.html, about_us.html, spa.html, cafe.html, activities.html, cruises.html, fishing.html)
    • Make sure you set up your site by following the directions and call it the Striped Umbrella
  • Skills Review, pages 1-34 thru 1-35 (index.html, plants.html, classes.html, newsletter.html, annuals.html, perennials.html, water_plants.html, tips.html)
    • Make sure you set up your site by following the directions and call it Blooms & Bulbs
Summarizing Strategy:

Q&A if needed

Answer key questions above, turn in for grading. Grade completed assignments
Dreamweaver textbook

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